Advanced Flam Exercises

Alex Duthart’s Fanfare is a song I had to learn for my Drum Corps class in 3rd year at university, and it has helped me progress immensely in my drumming in terms of stick control and stamina.

This first example involves inverted flam taps and alternating flams.

Alex Duthart Flam Section 1


Here it is slowly:

Here it is at normal speed:


To start with, practice playing it slowly, at a tempo you’re comfortable with. Then gradually build it up. I played it at about 105 bpm.

This next section begins with a paradiddle of flams. However, instead of playing single stroke paradiddles (RLRR, etc), you play each beat as a flam. This can be quite tricky at first as the flams are in quick succession, so it’s best to start practicing this with a metronome slowly and build the tempo up a few beats every time.

Alex Duthart Flam Section 2

Here it is slowly:


Eventually, you’ll notice that you can play it with ease at faster tempos. Here it is at normal speed: